David Poirier

Early Career MBA Representative - 1st Year

I'm David Poirier and I'm a first year ECMBA candidate. I went to undergrad at San Jose State University and majored in Human Resource Management. I interned in employee engagement at the company, OmniVision and went on to work as an employee engagement specialist at the startup, FamilyMatch. I now work as a student assistant for the Lucas College of Business. During my time working in employee engagement I realized what the driving force of every organization is: People.

In my free time I like to go hiking, listen to music, read, write my novel I'm working on, explore new places, cook, and eat(but who doesn't like eating).

My goal in GBSA is to empower every person in the MBA program. From the officers to active members to students just interested in joining GBSA, I believe all people have the power to make a positive impact in an organization. Through prioritizing member recognition to organizing committees of officers and members I promise to bolster engagement and equity for everyone in GBSA. But I didn't just come here to work, I'd like to have some fun with you all too!  

That being said you should reach out to me if you want to learn about great trails to hike, good books to read, or delicious dishes to cook. I'm really looking forward to an amazing semester in GBSA!